Requirements to bridge

In order to bring carbon credits over the Carbon Bridge onto the Toucan registry, you'll need to have a few things first:

Access to a account, and ownership of carbon credits in the Puro registry. Puro carbon credits are called CO2 Removal Certificates, or "CORCs".

The address of a blockchain account to which you're certain you would like the tokenized CORCs to be sent.

-> Learn more about accounts and addresses

Time and attention. Bridging is an irreversible action, and mistakes can lead to the permanent loss of funds / carbon credits.

Once you've got all of these prepared, you can start the bridging process by requesting access to Version 1 of our two-way Carbon Bridge to We'll provide a detailed walkthrough on how to tokenize, detokenize, and retire CORCs using Toucanโ€™s Bridge to the Puro Connect API. You'll learn how to get started, whether you're a Puro account holder or not, with hands-on assistance each step of the way.

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