Gold Standard Bridge

Collaborative Framework Design

For over a year, Toucan has been collaborating with Gold Standard in the development of a tokenization framework as part of their Working Group on Digital Assets for Climate Impact. Our joint efforts focus on exploring the potential of tokenization within the context of climate action and sustainability.

Leadership Dialogue on the Future of VCM

Our CEO recently engaged in discussions with Gold Standard's Chief Growth Officer. During Climate Week NY 2023, they delved into how digital technologies, especially blockchain, can contribute to the expansion of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). This dialogue highlighted our ongoing commitment to innovation and our active role in promoting sustainable change.

Ongoing Communication and Platform Integration

We maintain regular communication with Gold Standard, reinforcing our shared goal of integrating a bridge between our respective platforms. Stay tuned, we'll be connecting the Carbon Bridge to Gold Standard's registry as soon as we're ready to move forward.

If you are interested in tokenizing Gold Standard credits, or participating in the launch of the Gold Standard Bridge, let us know!

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