Integration examples

If you're looking for examples of how to build on top of our protocol, you can find them here.

Toucan-made examples

The example implementations repo, as of right now, contains all of the Toucan-made integrations. You can find them here.

External examples

Senken provides an excellent example of a marketplace application that shows the contents of different carbon pools. This use case would leverage the fetchPoolContents method available via the SDK.

If you'd like to see an example of a carbonised NFT (NFT that sequesters carbon offsets), we think Celostrials are a great example. You can find them here.

If you want to see an example of an offseting dApp, the flight offsetter from Discarbon is a cool example. You can find it here.

More ideas

You want to play around? Here are some more ideas!

  • On-chain portfolio management attached to reporting and marketing tools! Quickbooks for on-chain carbon

  • Seamless carbon retirement (with web2 user experience) while leveraging the possibility of fractionalization and transparency made possible through Toucan's tool.

  • Carbon credit options markets and pool arbitrage (where community can deposit the credits)

  • Launchpad for new carbon projects that use current carbon credits to finance them (trade in NCT now to get the project specific credit in the future).

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