Toucan Protocol smart contracts

This section will walk you through the functions of the core smart contracts you're likely to interact with.

If you need to see where the contract are deployed, you can find addresses and ABIs here ->

If you'd like to see the source code of the contracts, you can find it here ->. You'll also find .json artifacts in this repository. Do keep in mind that our contracts actually live in a different (private) repository — the linked repo is a delayed mirror of it.

In the EVM, Ether and token amounts are often converted into (much) smaller standard units, to allow the use of sub-integer amounts.

Toucan's token contracts use 18 decimals, which means whenever a number of tokens is referenced, the value is converted by multiplying the quantity by 1e+18. This standard unit helps in dealing with very small amounts and avoids floating point operations. Always remember to convert for accuracy in transactions.

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