Pool Acceptance Criteria: NCT, BCT

There are two existing pools deployed with Toucan contracts: NCT (Nature Carbon Tonne) and BCT (Base Carbon Tonne). The acceptance criteria for these pools is as follows:


List of approved methodologies
  • VM0003: Methodology for Improved Forest Management through Extension of Rotation Age, V1.2

  • VM0004: Methodology for Conservation Programs that Avoid Planned Land Use Conversion in Peat Swamp Forests, v1.0

  • VM0005: Methodology for Conversion of Low-productive Forest to High-productive Forest, v1.2

  • VM0006: Methodology for Carbon Accounting for Mosaic and Landscape-scale REDD Projects, v2.2

  • VM0007: REDD+ Methodology Framework (REDD-MF), v1.6

  • VM0009: Methodology for Avoided Ecosystem Conversion, v3.0

  • VM0010: Methodology for Improvement Forest Management: Conversion from Logged to Protected Forest, v1.3

  • VM0011: Methodology for Calculating GHG Benefits from Preventing Planned Degradation, v1.0

  • VM0012: Improved Forest Management in Temperate and Boreal Forests (LtPF), v1.2

  • VM0015: Methodology for Avoided Unplanned Deforestation, v1.1

  • VM0017: Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Land Management, v1.0

  • VM0021: Soil Carbon Quantification Methodology, v1.0

  • VM0024: Methodology for Coastal Wetland Creation, v1.0

  • VM0026: Methodology for Sustainable Grassland Management (SGM)

  • VM0027: Methodology for Rewetting Drained Tropical Peatlands, v1.0

  • VM0029: Methodology for Avoided Forest Degradation through Fire Management, v1.0

  • VM0032: Methodology for Adoption for Sustainable Grasslands through Adjustment of Fire and Grazing

  • VM0033: Methodology for Tidal Wetland and Seagrass Restoration, v1.0

  • VM0034: British Columbia Forest Carbon Offset Methodology, v1.0

  • VM0035: Methodology for Improved Forest Management through Reduced Impact Logging, v1.0

  • VM0036: Methodology for Rewetting Drained Temperate Peatlands, v1.0

  • VM0037: Methodology for Implementation of REDD+ Activities in Landscapes Affected by Mosaic Deforestation and Degradation, v1.0

  • VM0042: Methodology for Improved Agricultural Land Management, v1.0

  • Also included: AR-AM0001, AR-AM0002, AR-AM0003, AR-AM0004, AR-AM0005, AR-AM0006, AR-AM0007, AR-AM0008, AR-AM009, AR-AM0010, AR-AM0011, AR-AM0012, AR-AM0013, AR-AM0014, AR-AMS0001, AR-AMS0002, AR-AMS0003, AR-AMS0004, AR-AMS0005, AR-AMS0006, AR-AMS0007, AR-ACM0001, AR-ACM0002, AR-ACM0003

  • Exclusion Criteria:

    • Projects using partially or fully the methodology "VM0022: Quantifying N20 Emissions Reductions in Agricultural Crops through Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate Reduction"

    • Projects issuing credits under non-nature based methodologies additionally to nature-based methodologies within the same project scope

Read more about the rationale and the approach to choosing the NCT acceptance criteria here

  • Earliest Vintage: 01.01.2012


List of approved methodologies
  • All Verra-approved methodologies (including Verra Standard Methodologies, CDM, CAR), excluding all versions of "AM0001: Decomposition of fluoroform (HFC-23) waste streams." Read more about our policy on HFC-23 based credits here.

  • Exclusion Criteria:

    • All versions of "AM0001: Decomposition of fluoroform (HFC-23) waste streams." Read more about our policy on HFC-23 based credits here.

  • Earliest Vintage: 1.1.2008

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