How to use these docs

Our docs are organized to provide easy access to different topics. Familiarize yourself with the layout to find information quickly.

  • The TOUCAN section explains how our platform works, including bridging, pooling and retirements.

  • The RESOURCES section provides background context on Web3 and carbon markets, along with answers to FAQs.

  • The DEVELOPERS section offers technical resources needed to understand Toucan's code, access our data, and build on top of our infrastructure.

Use the search feature to directly find specific topics or keywords relevant to your needs. We're using Gitbook's AI feature, so ask whatever questions you need answered — hopefully it can help!

Each section is equipped with examples, tools, and in-depth explanations. Make use of these to deepen your understanding of our platform.

Our goal is to ensure that you have a smooth and informative experience as you explore the innovative world of Toucan's climate action infrastructure. Whether you are a developer, a climate finance enthusiast, or someone looking to make a difference, these docs are your starting point to a wealth of knowledge and tools at your fingertips.

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