Testnet faucets

Get carbon pool and TCO2 tokens testnets

Although we suggest you use local forks in your testing environment when developing on Toucan, if you need TCO2 or pool tokens on a testnet, you can use our faucet.

How to access CHAR and TCO2s on Base Sepolia

Access CHAR and TCO2s through our faucet on BaseScan. Hereโ€™s how:

  • Go to our faucet contract

  • Navigate to Contract โ†’ Write Contract

  • Connect your wallet

  • Scroll to Withdraw

  • Enter the contract address of the asset that youโ€™d like to receive (see below)

  • Enter amount of 1

  • Click Write and approve the transaction

Sepolia asset addresses:

  • CHAR: 0xf92f74Dd03f9A9E04773cE5fF3BCeaBB2eB1dDf0 (link)

  • TCO2 PUR-229: 0xd0844B61Dcd657EE937D3CD8cF0a4b83a87218cD (link)

  • TCO2 PUR-21: 0xe682370Cf0F1d62d672eda1C1D0220605602074c (link)

  • TCO2 PUR 52: 0xF0476e6969fab717f7FCbA931b398e5D498D0f08 (link)

How to access NCT, BCT, and TCO2s on Celo Alfajores

Toucan's testnet faucet allows you to obtain small amounts of carbon test tokens.

  • Make sure you are on the Alfajores testnet.

  • Use Chainlist to add the test networks to your MetaMask wallet in case you haven't done that.

  • Make sure you have testnet tokens from the relevant blockchain to be able to pay for the gas when getting Toucan test tokens. For CELO tokens try either the Celo faucet the AllThatNode faucet.

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