Why are carbon pools useful?

For suppliers

Carbon Pools acts as an automated broker to help suppliers quickly monetize their credits.

To illustrate how carbon pools work, let's say you hold biochar CORCs certified in 2023 by Puro.earth, and you'd like to sell them quickly.

By tokenizing these credits with the Carbon Bridge, you gain the option to deposit them into the CHAR carbon pool (assuming they qualify in accordance with the filtering criteria). When you make the deposit, you'll then receive CHAR tokens at a 1-1 basis less any incurred deposit fees. The carbon pool tokens can then be instantly sold on an exchange. Credits can be sold in a matter of minutes, without relying on brokers or other intermediaries.

For buyers

Alternatively, imagine you are a buyer or distributor looking to acquire Puro.earth biochar credits.

With the CHAR carbon pool, you can explore credits available in the pool from a wide range of projects around the world. When you find credits from a project that you want to support, you can purchase CHAR on an exchange and then in our app, redeem the CHAR for your preferred TCO2 tokens in just a few minutes. You can then retire the TCO2 tokens for climate action.

Buyers can access a broad stock of credits, and distributors can offer that range of credits to their customers without taking on inventory risk.

Transparent prices

Since carbon pool tokens trade on exchanges, we receive a strong price signal for credits held within the pool. This creates a number of positive effects on the carbon market, including fairer deals for suppliers, increased confidence for buyers, and reduced risk in project financing.

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