Toucan for developers

Welcome to Toucan

These docs will help you get up and building with Toucan's digital carbon market infrastructure. Begin by drawing inspiration from our range of integration examples.

To understand how Toucan works, read about our Carbon Bridge, Carbon Pools, Retirements and Technical concepts. To get a broader background understanding, read our resources on Web3 and Carbon Markets.

Ready to start building?

Dive into our technical resources.

  • Check out our smart contracts and get some tokens at our faucet to play around with Toucan's tooling on a testnet. (We recommend using local forks in your testing environment when developing on Toucan.)

  • Also check out our developer tools like our Toucan SDK and find out how you can easily integrate retirement of carbon credits with our OffsetHelper.

  • You want to start building with the rich data Toucan can offer? Explore the Data + Analytics section. Here you can find out how to query the blockchain to get more details on the tokens you are using through the subgraph endpoints.

New to Web3?

Toucan is built using blockchains and smart contracts — advanced digital tools that enable us to offer improved transparency, liquidity and efficiency to the carbon market. The Web3 developer experience is a bit different to common patterns found elsewhere. To understand how to build in Web3, we recommend reading the Ethereum docs.

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