How to buy CHAR

The world's first liquid market for biochar.

Upon launch, CHAR is available on Uniswap via the Celo network. We will expand purchasing availability in the coming months.

For commercial orders, feel free to contact our team directly at

Wallet setup

To buy CHAR, you will need a web3 wallet set up and connected to the Celo network. The most popular wallet is MetaMask and you can learn how to set it up here.

If you already have MetaMask but have not added the Celo network, add it by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Networks > Add network

  2. Click Add a network manually

  3. Copy the following details:

    • Network Name: Celo (Mainnet)

    • New RPC URL:

    • Chain ID: 42220

    • Currency Symbol (Optional): CELO

    • Block Explorer URL (Optional):

  4. Click Save

You'll now be able to toggle to the Celo network directly from your MetaMask wallet.

Getting assets onto Celo

There are multiple ways to get assets onto the Celo network, including bridging from other blockchains or on-ramping to the Celo network directly. Here we will focus on on-ramping directly to Celo via Coinbase, which is likely to be the easiest path for most users.

How to add assets from Coinbase to Celo

If you are using Coinbase, the most direct way to get assets onto Celo is the following:

  1. From Coinbase, purchase Celo's native token, CELO (symbol CGLD). Note that CELO and CGLD are the same token and various platforms use the symbols interchangeably. This token will be used to pay for transactions on the Celo network ("gas fees") and it can also be used to trade for CHAR.

  2. With CELO (CGLD) in your Coinbase account, you can then send it to your web3 wallet.

As of March 2024, Coinbase only allows for the withdrawal of CELO (CGLD) directly to the Celo network.

Steps to buy CHAR on Uniswap (Celo network)

To ensure sufficient liquidity for your swap, it's recommended to use USDC to purchase CHAR. If your wallet only has CELO, first swap for USDC ("USDCoin"), contract address 0xcebA9300f2b948710d2653dD7B07f33A8B32118C.

  1. With CELO and USDC in your web3 wallet on the Celo network, go to

  2. Connect your wallet and switch to the Celo network

  3. Toggle the asset that you're swapping from

  4. Paste the CHAR contract address as the asset that you're swapping to: 0x50E85c754929840B58614F48e29C64BC78C58345

  5. Since CHAR is a new asset, you may be prompted to accept a warning dialogue

  6. Complete the approval, signing, and swapping transactions

  7. Upon transaction execution, your CHAR balance will update at

Video walkthrough

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