Pool Acceptance Criteria

Currently, two Toucan Carbon Pools exist, BCT (Base Carbon Tonne) and NCT (Nature Carbon Tonne).
In order for bridged credits (TCO2s) to be added to one of the pools, they must fulfill certain acceptance criteria.
If you plan on bridging credits in order for them to be added to either of the Toucan Carbon Pools, please make absolutely sure, you double-checked the credits' eligibility to enter the pools (see below) prior to retiring the credits in the originating registry.

Acceptance Criteria


List of approved methodologies
  • All Verra-approved methodologies (incl. Verra Standard Methodologies, CDM, CAR), excluding all versions of "AM0001: Decomposition of fluoroform (HFC-23) waste streams"
  • Exclusion Criteria: Projects utilizing partially or fully the methodology "AM0001: Decomposition of fluoroform (HFC-23) waste streams"
Read more about our policy on HFC-23 based credits here​
  • Earliest Vintage: 1.1.2008


List of approved methodologies
  • VM0003: Methodology for Improved Forest Management through Extension of Rotation Age, V1.2
  • VM0004: Methodology for Conservation Programs that Avoid Planned Land Use Conversion in Peat Swamp Forests, v1.0
  • VM0005: Methodology for Conversion of Low-productive Forest to High-productive Forest, v1.2
  • VM0006: Methodology for Carbon Accounting for Mosaic and Landscape-scale REDD Projects, v2.2
  • VM0007: REDD+ Methodology Framework (REDD-MF), v1.6
  • VM0009: Methodology for Avoided Ecosystem Conversion, v3.0
  • VM0010: Methodology for Improvement Forest Management: Conversion from Logged to Protected Forest, v1.3
  • VM0011: Methodology for Calculating GHG Benefits from Preventing Planned Degradation, v1.0
  • VM0012: Improved Forest Management in Temperate and Boreal Forests (LtPF), v1.2
  • VM0015: Methodology for Avoided Unplanned Deforestation, v1.1
  • VM0017: Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Land Management, v1.0
  • VM0021: Soil Carbon Quantification Methodology, v1.0
  • VM0024: Methodology for Coastal Wetland Creation, v1.0
  • VM0026: Methodology for Sustainable Grassland Management (SGM)
  • VM0027: Methodology for Rewetting Drained Tropical Peatlands, v1.0
  • VM0029: Methodology for Avoided Forest Degradation through Fire Management, v1.0
  • VM0032: Methodology for Adoption for Sustainable Grasslands through Adjustment of Fire and Grazing
  • VM0033: Methodology for Tidal Wetland and Seagrass Restoration, v1.0
  • VM0034: British Columbia Forest Carbon Offset Methodology, v1.0
  • VM0035: Methodology for Improved Forest Management through Reduced Impact Logging, v1.0
  • VM0036: Methodology for Rewetting Drained Temperate Peatlands, v1.0
  • VM0037: Methodology for Implementation of REDD+ Activities in Landscapes Affected by Mosaic Deforestation and Degradation, v1.0
  • VM0042: Methodology for Improved Agricultural Land Management, v1.0
  • Also included: AR-AM0001, AR-AM0002, AR-AM0003, AR-AM0004, AR-AM0005, AR-AM0006, AR-AM0007, AR-AM0008, AR-AM009, AR-AM0010, AR-AM0011, AR-AM0012, AR-AM0013, AR-AM0014, AR-AMS0001, AR-AMS0002, AR-AMS0003, AR-AMS0004, AR-AMS0005, AR-AMS0006, AR-AMS0007, AR-ACM0001, AR-ACM0002, AR-ACM0003
  • Exclusion Criteria:
    • Projects using partially or fully the methodology "VM0022: Quantifying N20 Emissions Reductions in Agricultural Crops through Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate Reduction"
    • Projects issuing credits under non-nature based methodologies additionally to nature-based methodologies within the same project scope
Read more about the rationale and the approach to choosing the NCT acceptance criteria here​
  • Earliest Vintage: 01.01.2012