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Deposit & receive

Deposit TCO2 tokens into a carbon pool and receive fungible pool tokens.
To deposit into a carbon pool, a TCO2 token must successfully pass the logic filter. If it does, the token gets locked inside the pool, and a carbon pool token is created and sent to the depositor's wallet. Carbon pool tokens are fungible ERC-20 tokens — every carbon pool token is backed by a carbon credit that has the attributes gating that pool.
The benefit here is that we can aggregate much deeper liquidity by pooling carbon credits of similar projects.
In order to deposit TCO2 tokens in a Carbon Pool and receive an equivalent number of carbon pool tokens, first you must ensure that the TCO2 tokens you have possess the required gating attributes.
To deposit TCO2 tokens into a pool, go to the Pools page within our app. From there, you'll see various pools. Click Deposit and follow the on-screen prompts. Upon depositing your TCO2 tokens, you'll receive fungible pool tokens in return.