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Technology for a new economy that’s regenerative by design
Toucan is building technology to move carbon credits onto open blockchains. This unlocks innovation and financing for meaningful climate action at scale.
  • To bring carbon on-chain, we've built the Carbon Bridge. Anyone can use it to tokenize carbon credits. These tokenized credits can be used as green money in the rapidly growing world of decentralized finance (DeFi), for NFTs or gaming experiences.
  • Our Carbon Pools are a way of grouping together tokens linked to credits with similar attributes. The result: standardized and deeply liquid carbon reference tokens (like BCT and NCT) that can be easily priced and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Information about all tokenized carbon credits is stored on the Toucan Meta-Registry. This is a neutral and open carbon ledger holding information that can’t be changed or edited. On this registry, we store project information, trading history and retirement details of carbon credits for anyone to see. The Meta-Registry brings much-needed transparency into a previously opaque market.
Together, these three modules form Toucan’s Carbon Stack.
Want to learn more about our mission & vision? Read our Mirror post introducing Toucan: