The OffsetHelper contract implements helper functions that simplify the carbon offsetting (retirement) process.
This contract lives in this repository. And it's purpose is to simplify the carbon offsetting process.
Currently, the OffsetHelper is only deployed on Polygon.
What it does in more exact terms is it abstracts the process of retiring TCO2, which normally looks like so:
  • user exchanges USDC for pool tokens (e.g. NCT) at one of the DEXs ( Ubeswap, SushiSwap, etc. depending on network)
  • user interacts with the pool token contract to redeem the tokens for TCO2
  • user interacts with the TCO2 token contract to retire the TCO2
The user only needs to hold USDC, WETH or WMATIC or MATIC and interact with the OffsetHelper contract which takes care of executing all the above steps in a single transaction.
Last modified 4mo ago