Retire credits

You can redeem and retire carbon pool tokens — like NCT — on Celo and Polygon by following this tutorial.
  1. 1.
    Go to, launch the app and connect your wallet
Launch App
  1. 2.
    Your pool token should be available in the ‘Carbon Pool Tokens’ section of the dashboard. You don't have pool tokens? Check out "How can I buy pool tokens (NCTs)"
Pool token available
  1. 3.
    Click ‘Redeem TCO2’ to exchange the pool token in return for TCO2 tokens. Input the number you want to redeem on the right. You will have the option to automatically reddem in which case, you will receive the lowest ranking TCO2s. In case you want to choose by year or location, you will have to pay a redemption fee.
Redeem token
  1. 4.
    Choose the TCO2 you would like to receive.
Choose TCO2
  1. 5.
    Click "Redeem Now" and approve the transaction in the wallet. Make sure you have enough native tokens (e.g. CELO, Matic) to pay for GasFees.
Approve Transaction
  1. 6.
    Once you have received the TCO2 tokens they will appear in the ‘Toucan CO2 Tokens’ (TCO2) section of the dashboard.
Find your TCO2
  1. 7.
    Click ‘Offset’, select how many you would like to offset, then click "Retire to Offset".
  1. 8.
    Click ‘Retire to Offset’.
  2. 9.
    Celebrate! 💃You can use Celoscan and Polygonscan to check the status of your transactions throughout this process.