Requirements to bridge

”Attention: Verra Registry currently does not support the tokenization of carbon credits and this will not be available on the Toucan UI. Verra Registry is currently identifying the safest way forward regarding carbon credit tokenization. Read our official response to the Verra announcement.”
In order to bring carbon credits over the Carbon Bridge onto the Toucan Registry, you'll need to have access to a few things:
  • Carbon credits in the Verra registry (Verified Carbon Units, VCUs), along with a retirement account or a partner who can retire the credits for you, specifying that they are destined for the Toucan Bridge. If you are working with a partner, you MUST coordinate with them to properly do the bridging — failure to do so may result in irreversible loss of funds! To be eligible for bridging, carbon credits must fulfill the criteria:
    • The methodology applied in the project issuing the VCUs must not be included in the blocklist of methodologies
    • The difference between the date of verification (commonly referred to as the "vintage") and the date of issuance of the credits must be less than 10 years
  • An Ethereum account controlled by your Metamask wallet (browser extension, not mobile) with some native token that is required to pay for gas, MATIC for the Polygon network or CELO for the Celo network. You cannot interact with the Toucan Protocol from a centralized exchange like Coinbase.
  • Time and attention! Bridging is an irreversible action, and mistakes can lead to the permanent loss of funds / carbon credits. Take care, take your time. If you have any questions, study our docs or ask in our community-moderated Discord channel, #bridge-support.
The Toucan core team can't help with any of this, but there is a lot of community-led support in our Discord, and many resources online on setting up Metamask (back up your mnemonic!), getting MATIC or CELO and buying offsets from someone with a Verra account.
It is critical that you only include batches from the same project AND vintage in a single bridging event.
In Verra you have the option to retire credits from different vintages in the same retirement. This behavior is not compatible with the Toucan Protocol — you must only retire offsets from the same project and vintage with each retirement.
If you have a partner who will be retiring on your behalf, work with them to learn how many different project-vintages they'll need to retire. You may need to initialize multiple batch NFTs and provide them with multiple Toucan IDs for different individual retirements.
Toucan doesn’t take any responsible for errors made here. Please make sure you fully understand the process. If in doubt study more, re-read the documentation or reach out on Discord.
Once you've got all of these prepared, you can start the bridging process!