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How it works

Toucan’s first-of-its-kind two-way bridge connects the Puro Connect API to the Celo and Polygon networks. Anyone who has completed the steps in Toucan's Puro Bridge Partner Integration Guide (request access here) can tokenize their CO2 Removal Certificates, or CORCs, and Toucan will mint them as tokens on-chain.
Once the CORCs are on the public ledger, you can instantly trade or sell them in the form of TCO2s; retire them to claim the impact of the credit; or bring them back off-chain at any point in time.
These functions give you and your customers maximum flexibility to deploy your assets how and where you want to, which is an important step in Toucan’s mission to provide full traceability and data integrity.
For those interested in a deeper understanding of how this two-way bridge works, we will be updating our diagrams and documentation as we continue to iterate on Version 1 of this bridge.
If you already have a Puro account, start the bridging process now by requesting access to our Puro Bridge Partner Integration Guide and, once received, initiate Step 1.