Welcome to Toucan

Infrastructure for climate action at scale

The Digital Rails for Climate Finance

Welcome to the Toucan Documentation — your comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing Toucan's innovative platform for carbon markets.

Toucan's system tokenizes carbon credits, which are certificates that represent a project's positive impact on the planet. When they're tokenized, these credits are transformed into TCO2 carbon tokens via the Toucan Carbon Bridge, and transferred onto energy-efficient blockchains like Polygon and Celo.

Our platform offers unique features like carbon pools, where similar carbon credits are pooled together and connected to decentralized finance apps. Carbon pools create liquidity and improve the ease of transacting in the environmental markets.

Explore our documentation to dive deep into how Toucan's technology works, the principles of our carbon bridge and pools, and how we are leveraging smart contracts to help scale climate action. Whether you're a developer, an investor, or someone passionate about climate action, Toucan Docs is your gateway to understanding and participating in this innovative approach to climate finance.

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